All of my open source software is currently hosted either on sourcehut or GitHub.


    tshm is a parser and formatter for TypeScript declarations that outputs HM-style type signatures. The parser is written in Haskell in the style of a recursive descent parser.


    fp-ts-std is a library targeting the fp-ts ecosystem, aiming to be something of a pseudo-standard library, fill in the gaps between fp-ts and Ramda, and generally flesh out what's missing in the parent library.


    terpod is a terminal podcast manager written in Haskell. It allows the user to sync feeds, list feed episodes, and download episodes on demand.


    Bukubrow is a WebExtension for Buku, a command-line bookmark manager. It includes a native binary written in Rust that interfaces with the Buku database.


    bangin is a deliberately small, thoughtfully-designed POSIX-compliant shell script which replicates the behaviour of DuckDuckGo's bangs on the command-line.

I also maintain some AUR packages.